Laguna Beach

Birds View of Paradise

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When I’m at the beach I often wonder what the birds think about us watching them watch us. This bird might be part of the gull family and then again maybe not even close, I have no idea. What I do know a bird like this one was very cleaver and resourceful and I didn’t have my camera that day to photograph the escapade, darn. I was napping one foggy morning and I caught glimpse of a bird getting on top of a beach chair and pecking his way into this brown paper bag and he pulled out a sandwich in a zip lock bag, he grabbed it and proceed to hide from his flock mates and tried to open it this went and this went on for quit a while before some kid ruined the fun and took it away and buried it in the sand. I though that butt head, what fun was that? Then the guy returned to find his bag ripped open and his snack missing 🙂 That was just as much fun. Now, I’m thinking what’s the bird thinking about all his hard work taken from him in a moment’s notice? I think he would be thinking… I’m gonna fly over and poop on that kids head! That would be justifiable pooping in my opinion or at least that’s how I wanna believe the story ended.
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