Month: June 2014

Keep On Trucking

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Good things trucks deliver to America; it’s a crazy stat that everything you have at one time in the delivery chain was transported by a truck! It may enter the country by plane, boat, or train, but it still lands on a truck in the process, and even more crazy their are millions of drivers and they still need more, in fact there is more loads that drivers, that’s amazing to me. I took this picture because of the relationship between the two big rigs and how the tanker is carried through the mirror, which was a hard image to capture at 65mph going down the interstate. I admire people who can thrive in this type of work environment and still maintain a balanced home life even though they are on the road away from home for weeks at a time. If these big wheels quit rolling so does the US economy, they need each other. So, my trucker friends keep on trucking!


Be Strong, Be Confident, Be Successful

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Newport Bridge Blog

Why are photographers so interested in images of bridges and or piers, I know I am guilty of this fascination. Maybe it’s the strength of the ocean or Mother Nature pounding against the structure, maybe it’s because no matter what life throws at the structure it doesn’t give an inch, maybe it’s a metaphor for life? Like in life your ability to weather any storm or situation truly depends on how deep your rooted like the base of the pier or bridge if your deeply connected in either your faith, beliefs, family, or what grounds you in life, gives you the foundation to ride out the storms and set backs of life and come out of them stronger than ever and ready with the new found confidence to handle the next storm in life. Be strong, be confident, be diligent, and be successful.