Sign of the Times or Just Gibberish?

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Is this the sign of the times or just gibberish? When I got off the train in Danshui Taiwan my first reaction was WTF? Where am I going from this point and then of course you follow the crowd or if you’re lucky like me you’re traveling with someone who speaks and reads the language and you navigate from there. If you don’t have a local guide, you learn to ask strangers for help and read maps even in languages you don’t understand. This got me thinking about people who risk everything to migrate to a foreign land where they don’t know anybody and don’t speak the predominate language of that new country and they risk it all for the chance at a new and better life for themselves and their families, man what guts and faith that must take. You wonder are things so bad where they are coming from and what made them so desperate to feel they have no options left, or on the flip side do they have a dream so big, so consuming, and so strong they don’t view this as a huge risk because their faith is so huge, so strong that this is their calling it’s no longer a risk but the only path for their life. Have you ever had a passion so strong that you went against the dominate belief or the general condenses that you were willing to risk a sure thing and risk the safety of what you were taught and threw caution to the wind and followed your heart, your passion, your dream because your faith in God and yourself was enough that the fear left you and it was replaced with a calm and clarity of what your future might be? If you haven’t had that voice inside you, I hope and pray that one day you too will find your calling, your passion, and your reason for being.
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