Life’s Thrill Rides…

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Fear the great motivator to either do something or not to do it? I love going to amusement parks, state fairs, or local carnivals something about the atmosphere and the food, I love the smell of the worst food on earth. The rides have always intrigued me too, maybe its the thrill the ride offers the riders or maybe its the NASCAR mentality where you know a wreck could happen at any moment that’s why they are called “thrill” rides. I do enjoy the typical roller coaster with it’s steep incline and rapid descent into turn after turn, but I know I’m attached to a rail, which for some reason makes me think I’m safer, or am I? Life is similar to a “thrill” ride it’s a short time we are here and it’s exciting too see if we make it to the end of our journey without the major disaster in life. Watching our life unfold knowing that we did or did not accomplish all that we hoped for or did we come to the end of our journey filled with disappointment and regret? I challenge you to reevaluate where you are and what changes can you make to make sure your journey ends with found memories and experiences that you can be proud of and one that your family can say your life was a full of accomplishments, a life with few regrets, a life you’d be proud for your family to emulate, a life God will say good job, you ran a good race.

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