Waiting For The Perfect Wave

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Waiting, wow the one word we don’t really care to hear, wait! Wait what, I want it now, I need it now, I deserve it now, wait no way. In a society that is build on instant gratification, if you doubt this look at the inventions of drive thru restaurants, pharmacy, and liquor stores, the convenience store, smart phones, quick emergency medical care that advertise no wait times, etc. If your a surfer you lean the discipline of waiting between waves, you learn to appreciate the fact if you wait the pay-off might be the perfect wave. Are you waiting for the perfect wave? The hardest thing in life to learn is how to be content with where you are in your life at this moment, it might not be what you want, it might not be perfect, but do you appreciate where you are in your life’s journey right now? If you can be happy where you are you have found peace and you know that the perfect wave might be up next, that is a winning outlook on life.

To view my gallery visit www.billhamiltonmedia.com. All images © Bill Hamilton, All rights reserved, copying and or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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