Sandcastles Are Fun!

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Sandcastles are fun, goofy, and silly and unless you’re a professional they aren’t that great looking. Who has ever built a sandcastle? I have, my kids have, their kids will and so will their kids and so on, as long as there is a beach with sand, sandcastles will continue being built and smiles with pictures will go on until time stops. I started thinking how far back in history was the first recorded sandcastle sculpture? Documented evidence goes back 500 years ago, during the 14th century records show that poet Balaram Das created devotional sand sculptures in India. Others claim the ancient Egyptians recreated the pyramids and other shapes in sand, of course proof of this isn’t really around, but I’ll go with that, it sounds possible obviously Egypt has plenty of sand and they had artist. In the 1970’s California became the site of a new kind of sand castle builder: the professional sand artist, not to be confused with a sandwich artist. Sand Art, Sand Folk Art, or just families playing in the sand building memories that will last a lifetime, either way they are fun and it’s a very interactive event, complete with Dads sculpting a mermaid body on his daughter, or a Mom turning her son into a super hero, it’s a greatness at the beach, what vacation isn’t complete without burying Dad up to his neck in sand 🙂

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