Mission Accomplished?

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This Mission in New Mexico is one of my favorites and yet I often wonder did the missionaries ever consider their mission accomplished? I know just from religious basics that the mission of the priest or fathers or padres probably never felt that their mission was completed but the foundation for generations to follow. I know that most religious doctrine reflects the concept of the long race and you must pace yourself, one that takes a lifetime. I love to photograph missions, old churches because of the architecture some are simply magnificent and some are simple and beautiful. This is a mission on the main square in Albuquerque New Mexico the time of day cast a shadow on the walls of the crosses and yet it was very peaceful not very many people on the streets that day either. Next time you’re traveling and come across an old mission or church stop and take a moment to reflect on what a small group started out in spreading the word of God to the people of the world and see how their work is still making an impact on their local community’s centuries later.


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