Bored Youth or Ancient Astronauts?

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Graffiti has been around as long as man has existed, we have documented scratching from ancient Greece, Rome, Mayans, and in Americas South West. We usually perceive modern-day Graffiti as vandalism, defacing property, but the truth be told some pretty amazing art has had its roots in Graffiti. I have seen some elaborate cave drawings, markings on tablets, and on monuments either way the primitive etching, scratching, use coals and today’s paints and paint pens have raised our conciseness and acceptance to appreciate this form of artistic expression. My photo is from a trip to Progresso Mexico and this was a wall on a back street near the school grounds and most places I have traveled from modern cities to remote islands you can find the local art being express by bored youth or ancient astronauts either way it’s pretty cool!

To view my gallery visit All images © Bill Hamilton, All rights reserved, copying and or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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