Jimmy Buffett Take Me Away

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Whenever I’m at the tipping point I put myself in a cruise frame of mind, I take a couple of deep breaths and I can feel the ocean and sun wash over me. It’s like experiencing a rebirth of sorts, it’s type of mental getaway from the ordinary and I can taste my favorite Caribbean umbrella drink with Margaretville is playing in the background of my mind. I’m literally transported to my favorite unpopulated port of call, I’m home and my soul is at rest once again. As my mind is replaying the photographs, snap shots, the flash cards of my life a smile slowly appears, I can smell the suntan oil …Then suddenly just a fast I’m snapped back to reality with the familiar sounds of take out the trash, check the mail, Dad listen and what’s for dinner! As much as I love my ocean adventures, my private life as a pirate, I love my real life just as much, I could imagine not being a Dad a family man, not being needed even if it’s just being asked to listen for a moment, even if it’s to run to the store for milk, being a Father is truly the adventure that is more rewarding and more exciting than any exotic tropical port of call, there is plenty of time to visit these places later in life, for now I’m needed at home sweet home 🙂


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