Take a Long Walk OFF a Short Pier

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I have always wondered where this saying originated from and what were the circumstances when it was first uttered. It always struck me as odd when people would say; “Take a Long Walk OFF a Short Pier”. I get the spirit of the phrase; get lost, take a hike, get out of here, go do something that will get you permanently out of here and leave us alone, you’re bothering me, go jump in a lake, you’re not welcome here, etc. My take away is either you are interrupting a person or they are pissed off at you? Now if I’m going to par take in this type of request I would prefer to take that long walk off this pier in Cozumel Mexico or any other short pier in the Caribbean as long as it’s not infested by Sharks at feeding time, but that’s just me. So, before you tell somebody this request, I believe you should be responsible for supplying this said pier and at the location to be determined by person being requested to take the long walk…

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