Life’s Options for the New Year

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As we look towards the New Year we are faced with options and I suggest that options are a good thing, right? Just like this old bike on the street of a sleepy beach town in Mexico this person has the option to ride the bike or walk, but the option is his. We too have options to face maybe not as basic as to walk or ride, but we have options still to contend with both daily and beyond.  I have had options most of my life and for that I am truly thankful, the most recent have been in the job market type of options. Some people would categorize my work history as unstable or entrepreneurial, I would say it’s been full of options and I believe if you have the opportunity to try something new and sail uncharted waters, usually I have sailed down that path of the untraveled. I spent twenty plus years in retail photography both as an owner and as an employee. Then I had the opportunity to become a district manager for a national early childhood education company and I took the chance to be stretched and challenged to become uncomfortable and to expand my experience base, then I had a chance to own a restaurant when I had once again no prior experience and I took the risk to really grow as a person and learn another facet of business. What’s next for this year I’m not sure yet, but I can tell you as long as I have the options put before me I will pray, ponder, and meditate about these potential options we weight the risk and move forward. The real fun for me isn’t the day to day part of the opportunity it’s the process of bringing that opportunity or dream to reality and living it. As long as there are options you will have the opportunity to sail another uncharted sea, options can be very good!
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