People Taking Pics of People Taking Photographs of People

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This is a post that just came to mind while looking through some photos and it seems to happen on every trip and that’s walking by a photographer taking either engagement shots or pics of the wedding party on location in plain public view. Now it might just be my luck or lame timing but it happens all the time and of course I take a pic of people taking pics of the photographer taking the actual photographs. I started to wonder is this as common as I perceive it to be or am I just lucky? I have two friends that I know have captured many wedding events and they have mentioned that they might be one of many photographers at a great location capturing engagement sessions at the same time, but I haven’t really asked about the actual wedding day sessions…Maybe I will, if you get a chance you should check out their websites; Redheaded Ninja and Photos by Eleonore. I was just wondering if it’s me or have many people out there experienced this phenomenon while traveling in and out of the US?
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