A Walk In The Park

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Another morning in the park as we rolled through the holidays and now New Years is almost here; I can always find a moment of peace in my backyard. I love my neighborhood park, my urban oasis, not sure the correct term, but Cottonwood Park is a awesome little city park in Dallas County that is very family friendly with activities such as fishing, picnicking, court sports, pool, and massive play area. This park has the feeling of the great Texas outdoors complete with wildlife and natural history, it’s also home to the world renowned Cottonwood Art Festival, artist from all over the country and the world return year after year to show their latest works of art, and it’s a great show. This amazing Texas Park offers some of the best Texas has to offer with plenty of things to do while soaking up the sun and scenery as you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is where you can find me almost every day while I’m in Dallas; getting my daily exercise and meditation time in before the interruptions of my daily life kicks in. Stop and listen, your oasis is calling…

To view my gallery visit www.billhamiltonmedia.com. All images © Bill Hamilton, All rights reserved, copying and or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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