Do Whales know its Christmas?

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Do Whales know its Christmas? I wonder how much the creatures of the sea know about what we land bound creatures really do, maybe it’s silly or is it. When I am at the beach in the winter and it’s the holidays you really can’t tell what the season is on land based on the perspective, if your ocean bound you would know the season changes except for the weather and migrating habits. While on land without the benefit of advertising, calendars, displays in retail and homes would you really know what time of year it is? In the sea its business as usual the sole concern of every creature is survival of the species, keep the family intact, don’t get eaten. On land we get so distracted by obligations and the hustle of life! If we could live a simpler life and be focused on the very basics would we know when the holidays are, I say yes and I say we would get more joy out of them. We would be able to really enjoy the season because we would not be trying to keep up with the Jones or what advertising thinks we should be and we could live more like we were meant to be. I wonder if God ever says to his Angles, look at these people how could they have gotten so far of track, I hope they are listening I can get them back on the right track, back to peace on earth and good will towards all men.
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