Til Death Do Us Part (Two)

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I thought it would be appropriate to post another cemetery or graveyard photo blog “Til Death Do Us Part (Two)”. This was at the same cemetery in Tainan Taiwan where my first “Til Death Do Us Part (One)” blog originated. There is something eerie, creepy, and yet so calming to just wonder around and read the history each tombstone shares, it truly tells a story. I seem to enjoy not only the thought of life after death with anticipation of being reunited with departed loved ones, but the beauty of life transiting from birth to death, and the journey in between. Believe me, I thank God for every extra day I have, and I’ve had a very blessed life. But, I’m in no hurry to leave my current circumstances, life, celestial plane, or another phrase for this existence either!

To view my gallery visit www.billhamiltonmedia.com. All images © Bill Hamilton, All rights reserved, copying and or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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