Ice-a-geddon 2013?

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Ice-a-geddon 2013 or the Big Ice storm of 2013 or how about the freezing rain and crappy driving conditions we had in Dallas this past week. I love how in North Texas the weather people go crazy with the description of how the next Ice Age is upon us and the end is near? So, everyone hits the street which is the last place they should be and they invade the local Wal-Mart and proceed to empty the shelves of food (mostly consisting of junk food), water, and anything else they think they’ll need to hunker down and not move for the next several years, days, or hours. Then the population waits for the end of civilization as we know it and we proceeded to get icy roads and nobody goes to work for the next couple of days and Jerry Springer gets to benefit from this act of nature with a ratings boost! (Disclaimer; I understand that other parts of the country had some really bad weather and some loss of life occurred and I am in no way making lite of anybodies tragic experiences, this is written from a North Texas point of view and I am making light of the over zealous reporters who love to hype up any potential weather we might be experiencing during the winter months). I do imagine that with the ratings wars in local television and out of mere boredom the weather writers try to make any potentially sever weather sound more entertaining and dramatic than they might convey to their family or friends. So, I say to the Ice Age of 2013 thank you for making my walk across any parking lot an adventure and my 5 minute commute as exciting a Roller Ball the movie, goodbye for now and I’m sure we have not see the end of you yet…To Be Continued…

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