Beach, Babes & Boogie Boarders

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The Beach, Babes, and Boogie Boarders this is living the dream, even if it’s just for a day. It’s funny how we can live this life all year with family, work, school, the day to day stress of just living, and we can take a day or a few days off and spend it at a beach and all of a sudden we are kids again, we are alive, we are living our fantasy! We will enjoy this life of leisure, a life with no obligations, no commitments, no hassles, no demands, and we shall soak up this perfect life where we suspend all reality, even if it’s for a day or even a few hours. The awesome power of nature for a short time and we are magically recharged, re energized, reconnected with the universe once again, just like when we were kids, before life took over and we had to become grown ups. For a while the world is right again and our soul is at peace.
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