Diligent or Passive Life’s Choices

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After many months of struggle it’s very easy to have all your efforts and dreams move from a very “Diligent” mind set to a more “Passive” outlook. The truth is when we all start a journey we are out to change the world; we have big aspirations of grand success in either our personal or professional relationships.

We live in an instant gratification society, and that puts unreal expectations on our goals. I know first hand coming from the stressful and exhilarating world of event photography where everything happens instantly, but when you try to implement this in your everyday life it doesn’t always happen instantly. It is an adjustment in real life where relationships are everything and things may take months or years to see the result of your hard work, you must learn to keep Diligent and not let this knock you into a Passive mind set. Anything great in life never happens over night, but it does happen when we put in the time and effort over an extended period of time. As parents or professionals the frustration you can feel and at times you feel like you’re pounding your head against a brick wall. At this point you need to remember the reasons you started this journey. All I’m saying is you should re-visit the reasons why you took this path, what made you choose this relationship or profession. If you write down the top 10 reasons why you wanted this life’s journey you might rediscover what your passion was when you made this decision and what your goals were?

I believe you could be on the verge of your success and you need to keep Diligent in your focus and not become a Passive person. Don’t settle; expect the best for your life!

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