No Lifeguard On Duty!

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No Lifeguard on duty, that’s the time of year we are in, the summer is over, the tourist are all gone, and one’s regular life has taken over. The good part is we are entering my favorite time of the year, the fall season entering into winter. Fall and spring are my most anticipated seasons, because I love the transition from one season into the other, it’s mild and exciting to watch Mother Nature in all her glory. These seasons also reminds me of the seasons of our life, a season to prepare, a season to plant, a season to grow, a season to harvest, and It starts again. We have seasons of life with each one being special and different, yet every one just as important as the other. It’s our life cycle; it’s how you handle every season that defines one’s life and legacy. I often reflect on the previous season, I meditate on what did I learn from it, and what must I do to have a more productive season that I’m entering into. It’s a great time for personal reflection and a time to share your experiences with your friends and family, hopefully they learn from your experiences, especially your children, they  are the ones who should benefit from these past seasons, life’s lesions are something truly worth passing down through your families generations. Don’t be silent, don’t hide from your accomplishments, or your mistakes, every experience you have had is what makes you who you are today, the person your family and friends love. You are the result of these seasons you have lived through? Share, share, share, don’t be silent, don’t be too proud, or too embarrassed, be the leader you were born to be, pass it down, and you will find great peace, and blessings for generations to come.

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